Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DDK's online works moved to Google Site

In light of yahoo's recent announcement that the platform will be soon discontinued, I have moved the online works of DD Kosambi that I had built at geocities to google sites. I find google sites to be simpler to build, besides it gives a good sitemap for better navigation. As readers of this blog probably know, these are only partial content from Kosambi's books from my original project. To get complete access to all his works, please go to Arvind Gupta's site.

I plan to expand the scope of the new site to add works by other historians, preferably those who have followed DDK's trail here. If you would like to join the effort, please send me an email at: readerswords at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dalits, Beware of DD Kosambi !

Leo Alston: Brahman Misrepresentation through Grand lama
What was once a human-centered Buddhist land got the insensate casteist Bharat. It was as a event of Babasaheb that Buddhism was resuscitated in Bharat. The Dalit Bahujans got back their original faith. Babasaheb cognise the foxiness and intriguing Brahman heads rattlingly goodly and he composed the Gautama and his Dharma ', the greatest book of Buddhism ever pent. In that book Babasaheb took all the corruptness presented in the instructions of the Buddha by the Brahman priests. The Brahminic karma and reincarnation theories were completely debunked by Babasaheb. Siddhartha was the original and the macrocosm 's foremost positivist.

In the 1900 's there were even Brahman Buddhist students like the Sarswat Brahman Dharmanand Kosambi, begetter of DD Kosambi the noetic leader of all Indian Marxist who are all decpective and disgised Brahmans. The Brahmins hold a tradition named Purva Paksha ', that is survey the enemy goodly before assailling. These pseudo Buddhists like Kosambi are the people who examined Buddhism so that Brahmins can strategize against theenemies.Babasaheb whounderstood the foul Brahman psyche and schemes to a higher degree anyone else, holded analyzed Buddhism for twenty ages before converting to the faith at the historical Nagpur observance in 1956. The Brahmins as was common holded an oculus on this changeover. They whiff this menace.